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As a stand-up comedian, I love the aspects of observational humor. That's why the Pittsburgh GPS resonates so well with me. . . and I think many of my fellow Pittsburghers. Often times, we'll give directions based on places or things that aren't even there anymore. How often have you been downtown and heard the following: "Excuse me, I'm trying to find Grant Street." A helpful Pittsburgher replies, "Sure, just go dahn this street and make a louie at the Stanley Theater. Then head up Forbes Avenue until you pass the Kaufmann's clock. Then yinz are just a block away." I love that and that's why only a Pittsburgher will use landmarks over Google maps to give directions. . . they have their own way of telling you which way to go.

Jim Krenn is a comedian and radio personality, best known for his work on The DVE Morning Show from 1988 to 2011. He provided most of the voices for the Nickelodeon Stop Motion animation series, Action League NOW!


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