Rob's Picks

They say you shouldn't pick favorites, but my favorite card is the very first one I drew. It's called "Christmas Chair." I have always loved the quirky phenomena of the Pittsburgh parking chair. I've worked the chair into many local cartoons over the years. People feel they have the right, especially in winter after they've shoveled it out, to save their precious parking space on the street. It's the Yinzer version of the corporate "Reserved Parking" sign. Parking laws be damned. The crazy thing is, neighbors understand and respect the chair. In most cases they won't move it and try to park there.

I also love to draw cartoons invoking Christmas and Santa. The big red-suited elf giving away toys (he's a Socialist, I'm sure) provides a perfect metaphor for politics of the day. In this case, no politics needed. Just laughs and good wishes.

Rob Rogers has been an editorial cartoonist in Pittsburgh for over three decades, working for both the Pittsburgh Press and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now that he is a "freelance" cartoonist he really needs you to buy a lot of these cards.


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